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With steadiness and infinite passions, Zhonghong Pulin is making constant changes in its impregnable journey.
Over the years, Zhonghong Medical has experienced the hardships of the medical crisis. We have adopted the spirit of "Continuing firm, Trust and Leaping forward" to realize the large-scale development of the company's scale and brand, and have reached the forefront of the world. With the headquarter in China, it has global perspectives, making Zhonghong enter the development stage of "Scale + Multilevel + Innovation + Brand” strategy, so as to achieve strategic objectives to be the international enterprise with extensive influence The road ahead will be long, I will persist in the seeking out for innovation during this challenging global economic era 4.0. Zhonghong medical will realize the deep transformation of the strategic development with the continuing advanced management mode.
Certainly, only by means of continuing to work diligently, could the achievements of a century brand attain. With self - improvement, perseverance, and all our efforts, we can eventually get a fair return from the market, thus providing the most satisfactory feedback to the investors, customers, employees and society.
With joint ambition, it is to construct aspiration together.

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