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LOGO connotation


• The label consists of ‘z’ and ‘h’. It consists of initial letter of ‘Zhong Hong’. The entire shape is ‘Zhong’. It signifies impartiality. People should be down-to-earth.     
• z means ‘zeal’. H means ‘harmony’. It signifies passionate and harmonious spirit and vision in Zhonghongpulin.
• The square shape represents integrity. It is the center and ridge of being a man. It means courage, guts and determination to get a profit.
• Red represents passion, warmth, robustness and vibrancy. It shows youth of Zhonghong Pulin.


Operation concept

pursuit of perfection and excellence

Operation concept: pursuit of perfection and excellence
[Connotation] Integrity is the center and pursuit of perfection is the basis for development. Integrity is the guarantee for company advancement that runs through all rounds covering operation, management, customer services, communication, cooperation, development and mutual win. It is dedicated to perfection in its professional sectors and injects ‘workmanship spirits’ on adherence and innovation to the soul of the company. The company culture with building of integrity and pursuit of perfection as the core will accompany the whole process of forging ‘century-old Zhonghong’.

Development concept

growing stronger, bigger and longer range


[connotation] From the initial single industry, frugal livelihood to the macro development pattern with double main sectors and engines, Zhonghong Pulin has been forever sticking to set-up of brand with quality and to the tenet of supporting an industry with integrity. With rolling development and efficient operation, it has formed strong competitiveness by constantly fusing cooperation, capital operation, aggregation, operation, integration, breakthrough and strategic adjustment. The company shows benign development and its employees live a happy life. By focusing on the future vision, people in Zhonghong Pulin is forging a more stable and long-term goal.


Management concept

people as the center, innovation as the soul


[Connotation] people are the most precious. People are put as the center when governing the world. Zhonghong Pulin will put people as the core for ethnics of modernized management and take human resources as the most strategic asset in the company. It punctuates that people are the major factor for advancement of an organization and stresses that guidance of comprehensive and speedy growth of company members is one of the ultimate goal for the company. According to Menci: people who show mercy are adored; people who respect others earn respect of others. Zhonghong Pulin has been forever probing into and implementing ‘people-centered’ management concept, mobilizing employees’ enthusiasm and innovation and spurring better development in the company.


Company concept

steadiness, loftiness and passion


[Connotation]People can see borderless vision for actions with a deed. People can have their passions aroused with vitality contained. Years-long speedy development in the company is attributed to decisions and planning and it also because of solidness, high efficiency and resolute style formed in its company cultural building. Cultural building in pursuit of big stage (demonstration of joint career), macro school (accomplishing of excellent career) and macro family (sharing of team growth) reflects the vision that the company establishes a learning outfit and a harmonious company.

Quality concept

satisfaction of demands and system guarantee


[Connotation]Quality is the lifeline in a company. We should firmly establish the concept of ‘quality in the first place’, customers as the focal point of attention, alignment with quality management system carrying international standards as the guarantee. It should full satisfy customers’ demands.


Cost concept

innovation of science and technology, performance appraisal, precise management, leading cost


[connotation] Market can be obtained via scientific and technological innovation, performance appraisal, precise management and reduction of cost. BY maintaining dual advantages of quality guarantee and cost edges and establishing a modernized cost concept can a company’s competitiveness be reinforced.

Strategic concept

it hunts for diversified development, taking the lead in the field and international level with disparate strategies.


[connotation] It adopts disparate strategies namely disparity of customer structure marketing region, management means technological innovation, decision-making teams and management teams, harmonious concept and company culture building, fully displays advantages and potentials and makes the group bigger, stronger and last longer.


Core value concept

constant and perfect


[connotation]being constant is the willpower: adherence, persistence and determination. It roots in the present and is down-to-earth.
Being constant is the impetus: it jointly grows with employees, hunts for mutual win with customers and seeks for common prosperity with the society.
Being constant is the resultant force: it abides by the rules and works in joint force for realizing the goal.


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