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 ● In September of 2018, Tangshan Nitrile Project II was put into full operation.In October, both production and sales reached the target.

 ● In October of 2018, the ERP project was officially launched and informatization was greatly improved.

In July of 2017, the construction of Tangshan Nitrile Project II was fully  ● 


In October of 2017, Jiangxi company was established. Jiangxi vinyl glove ●

 production base started for constrution.



 ● In April, 2016, its medical stock American company and offices in Europe, Japan and Malaysia were opened.

 ● In October, 2016, medical stock ERP project was launched and informationization will set sail.

In March, 2015, Tangshan Zhonghong Pulin Plastic Co., Ltd was renamed  ● 

Zhonghong Pulin Medical Articles Co., Ltd.

On July, 31, 2015, Zhonghong Pulin Medical Articles Co., Ltd. was successfully  ● 

listed in the New Three Boards. Its stock was called ‘Zhonghong Medication’. Its security code was 833133.

In December, 2015, butyronitrile glove production line in medication 6th  ● 

company was accomplished and put into operation.



 ● In May, 2014, medical plate established Beijing Research Institute to reinforce scientific and technological research and development.

 ● On September, 17, 2014, plastic 6th company added 16 world-class production lines of butyronitrile gloves.

 ● In October, 2014, Zhonghong Pulin Medication were promoted to secondary membership company with stocks held by national trade.

 ● In 2014, the battle on ‘reducing redundant personnel, bringing down cost, adjusting structure and boosting profit’ was significant in effect

In January, 2013, Zhonghong OA office automation system was officially up  ● 

and running and office efficiency was roundly improved.

In 2013, with bold innovation and technological reform in the medical plate,  ● 

butyronitrile glove production line successfully attained capacity. By launching the core battle of ‘guaranteeing quality and reducing cost’, the competition was steadily boosted and it made steady progress.



 ● In September, 2012, the company began to implement 6S management to boost its regulated management.

 ● In 2012, it intended to invigorate and optimize the plastic career. With technological reform, it validly reduces costs and improves core competitiveness. It was rated as ‘backbone company for secondary entrepreneurship and development facilitated by scientific and technological innovation’ by Tangshan Confederation of Trade.

On March, 7, 2011, medical butyronitrile production line in plastic 1st company ● 

was put into operation

On August, 8, 2011, with ‘hunting for disparity and measures, grasping of ● 

added value and saving of costs, modeling on the advanced, searching for innovation and upgrading of core competition’ as the core, the plastic career cluster started the work of saving cost and adding revenues. It obtained significant effect in cost of mixed material, auxiliary cost and improvement of technologies.

On December, 15, 2011, with ‘launching skills, realizing new breakthrough, ● 

emphasizing effects and forging core capacity’ as the topic, plastic career launched and configured the second battle.



 ● On May, 17, 2010, new site of Plastic 1st Company added 8 globally most advanced production lines of butyronitrile gloves.

 ● On May, 17, 2010, Color Printing and Packing Branch Company commenced investment and construction. It accomplished work and put into operation on December, 23 of the same year.

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