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Zhonghong Pulin Medical Products Co., Ltd is an integrated company specializing in research, manufacturing, packaging and sales of vinyl and nitrile gloves. It went public on the NEEQ stock exchange in July 2015. The company strictly adheres to internationally recognized quality management standards, pursues zero defect production and services premium international markets with quality and innovative products. Its products are primarily exported to Japan, European Union, United States and other countries and regions. The products are diversified and can be customized as needed. They are commonly used in food, medical, industrial and other industries.

Scaling advantages



Zhonghong Medical has dozens of PVC and nitrile glove production lines, keeps a world-leading position with an annual output of

more than 10 billion gloves.Along with stable supply capability, excellent after-sales service, personalized services, we are able to meet the different requirements of individual customers, thus have won the trust of many long term customers.


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R&D Innovation


Zhonghong Medical has dozens of PVC and nitrile glove production lines, keeps a world-leading position with an annual output of more than 10 billion gloves.In 2014, the Zhonghong Pulin Research Institute (Beijing) was established, and a technical cooperation agreement was concluded with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, to built a professional R&D team based on the scientific and technological advantages of professional colleges. In 2019, Zhonghong cooperated with Hebei University of Technology to start a producing and researching center. It has already obtained dozens of invention patents, utility model patents and appearance patents.

Quality Control


Zhonghong Medical always put quality management in the first place, starting from the whole link of raw material procurement, product design, R&D, production, sales and service, according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ENISO 13485, CMDCAS ISO 13485, QSR820, etc.


YY/T0287, JIST9116 and related laws and regulations establish and effectively operate the quality management system, and pass the system audits of CQC and TUV in Germany.


In terms of product standards, we have obtained product certification of medical devices and food standards in the United States, the European Union, Japan, Canada and other countries. Through the testing of TUV, SGS, South Germany TUV and other well-known third-party product testing institutions, the products meet the international product standards such as ASTM, CE, ISO, Japanese food hygiene and safety.


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